​​​Imagine paragliding above the earth, being able to see everything.  Sitting in your own seat, safe and secure, yet knowing someone else has the reins so you can see, feel and experience it all.  No worries of what to do, when to do it, how to do it, simply having the ability to fully experience.

In this hour session you will energetically ride tandem with Jeanne as she maneuvers the reins so you can remain utterly focused and connected with your Divine Intelligence, so to create a crystal clear expansive channel by which you are able to access your Source more deeply, fully and completely.   

This experience invites you to explore beyond the perception of you as the body, to You as Awareness itself. Taking your focus off the identity of you and more into You as the space of Awareness and opens the door to Source.

Activated Results:

   * Intimate knowing of yourself

   * Inspired passion

   * Expressive empowerment

   * Purposeful living

   * Impactful service  

   * Motivated resolutions
  * Coherent thriving

​​          What people are saying following 

                         their sessions:

"There are now words to describe how I feel right now." KL

"I feel totally different.  Brand new." LF

"My physical body all the way down to the cellular structure has changed.  Amazing.  I can feel it."  SH

"The things that triggered me are no longer to be found.  More relaxed in my own skin." JL

"I can now see through all of the untruths I have believed about who I am and who I am not."​​ DS

"I am oneness and aware of all of creation.  Unbelievable experience."​ JB

"Went home inspired and began creating my new business to serve the awakening of more people to this way of living." PN

"The collabaration has begun, new adventures are unfolding as I write this.  Cannot thank you enough Jeanne"  JP

​                                 Source Emergence

                                                12 week Dedication

                                   A personal mastermind in  

                                                Source Awareness

​                                                        $2345.00


​For You who desire to up level your vibrational service through Source Awareness.

Following the Source Procedure it is important to play and explore in the fields of Awareness to see how your system responds.  To continue to expand into the fields of Awareness.  

These fields are sheer knowing.  Imagine being in a that state of sheer knowing always.  No guessing, no doubts, no worries, always safe, always free, always provided for.  Simply feel what that feels like.

For some this may not appeal to you, you may like the rub of not knowing.  Then this program would not be for you.  Good to know.

This 12 week one-to-one with Jeanne, is a "Personal Mastermind" that will take you deeper into awareness and develop your higher service to humanity, the planet and beyond.  

The weekly sessions will be structured to your vibrational resonance and divine purpose.  Implimenting awareness in focused areas of service, creating strategies and solutions towards realizing your higher purpose.   

Your Realized Results: 
   * Intimate knowing of yourself.
   * Inspired passion.
   * Expressive empowerment.
   * Purposeful Living.
   * Impactful service.  
   * Dynamic resolutions.
   * Thriving collaberatively

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​The SoulBody Network

Enlivening  You  Into . . .

Source Navigation

* 1 hour - $150.00 * 

During my session I could feel the energy pouring into me lighting up every cell in my body and beyond.  My whole session was recorded which is extremely helpful as I can relive the process which eases my headaches, improveds my sleep and interestingly helps me remember my dreams.   

I now feel happier and more in tune with family members.  I've returned to meditating, am making better food choices and feel more loving and accepting of others.  I am very grateful that I now have the support to see and shift both health and relationship issues in my life.  I send a heartfelt thank you to Jeanne and her wonderful energetic contacts.




"Jeanne is a Master who is able to communicate with your soul to relay the messages you are meant to hear.  These messages lead you in the direction that you are meant to follow during this incarnation."

​Chris Niesen

​​​My session with Jeanne was amazing. The shift for me was subtle yet profound.  I noticed how much more peaceful and purposeful I have become. What used to rattle me now has a more serene affect on how I deal with stresses.  Wow!​


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