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Jeanne has unique insight and connection into other dimensions of reality and understanding.​  

Laurie Anne


​Thank you thank you thank you Jeanne. For everything. The program really helped and focused me considerably. I did the exercises you recommended and came up with some interesting results. I feel I am ready for a lot of things I wasn't ready for before. I can see a tiny bit more clearly.  Thanks for all you are and all you do. You are a very special person.



​I now feel happier and more in tune with family members.  I've returned to meditating, am making better food choices and feel more loving and accepting of others.  I am very grateful that I now have the support to see and shift both health and relationship issues in my life.  I send a heartfelt thank you to Jeanne.

​Barbara Y.

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"Fields of Awareness"

creating your life Beyond . . .

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​Welcome to this program and thank you for exploring the possibility of Living and Creating from a space Beyond

everything you have always known.

So what does it mean to play in the "Fields of Awareness?"  

​To create a life Beyond. . . ?

What is the "Field of Awareness?"  Awareness exists all around us and within all things. It has no limitations or boundaries.  It is highly conscious, highly sensitive and highly mobile.  It is found in the quiet, silent spaces when you allow yourself to listen, feel and know it.  It exists with, in and beyond the body, mind and even spirit. Hence, it is a field or space. 

Now what does it mean to create a life Beyond. . . What?  What is the What?  It is beyond anything that is keeping you in a Holding Pattern.  Life as you known it keeps you focused on the physical structure, the environment and in dualistic patterns.  In the world as you know it, you have had to work hard and labor to create.  

In the "Fields of Awareness" limitations do not exist, creation flows into being, effortlessly and easily.  How?  By You Becoming Awareness itself through listening in the quiet, still, present moment.  The quieter you become the more you can hear it. You will then feel and experience the moment where you "Become" Awareness.  

So how does this occur, how can this be when there are so many distractions in life?  It takes a strong desire to move beyond your dualistic patterns, it takes persistence to keep moving out of the holding patterns, it takes discipline to continually choose the higher perspective when everything else is telling you not to and it takes Allowing the resolution of every dualistic pattern, belief and perspective to dissolve away into the harmony Oneness.

This program will create the momentum within you, to move you towards creating a life Beyond. . .   Your life Will change throughout this program!  You will No Longer be able to play in the lower realms of duality.  You will live life in synchronicity and flow from the higher perspective of Awareness.     

Are YOU ready to create Your Life Beyond. . . in the "Fields of Awareness?"  

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In this program you will:

     * Take the guess work out of the creation process of life, as Awareness teaches   

        you how to create your own blueprint of creation.

     * Understand what Awareness requires of you. The steps it takes.

     * Open the door to Intelligent Awareness.  There is an intelligence that guides 

        your flow of life.

     * Build momentum as you move through this course, building a Life Beyond as you


     * Create a "Template of Awareness" that will affect all areas of your
        life; Health, Wealth, Business/Job, Relationships, Well-being,  
        Spiritual Evolution, and More.
The "Fields of Awareness" program has a structure of mentoring, accountability, recognition and community that walks with you during your process of creation.

Tools, techniques and step-by-step processes are provided to support and to anchor your authentic creation into your day to day of living.

Throughout, you will notice an organic inner structure of confidence, trust and deep connection to your Source Awareness, while simultaneously, your authentic creational expressions takes shape and takes form in your outer world.

Know that this program will give back to you that which you are willing to give yourself.

Class 1

1 -  Techniques to transform the 6 paralyzing blocks that stop your creative process

      and turns them into Skills of Creation.       

          *  Belief in Lack 

          *  Lost or Confused State of Center 

          *  Habits of Assumption

          *  Veils of Labels

          *  Stories of Victimhood

          *  Stop Waiting you're Giving Your Power Away

Class 2

2 - The Safe Zone - 3 stages of Authentic Creation 

3 - The Creational Process from Energy into Form, a Step-by-Step blueprint you create

Class 3

4 - Mastering the Depth of Your Multidimensional Vibration

5 - Centering in Your Chosen Vibrational Preference and knowing how to stay there

Class 4

6 - Projecting Your Chosen Life Preference into the world as Your Authentic Reality

7 - Giving Life to Your Creation through Awareness, Inspired Action

8 - Moving into Collective Creation through Collaborative Higher Awareness

     Navigating the states of "I", the next beginning.

        * From "I Am This" - Separateness 

        * To "I Am" - Presence Consciousness

        * To "I" - Awareness
        * To "Beyond I" which is "Absolute"​

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Bonus:  Each person attending the program will receive an individual session of “Source Procedure”.   In this hour session you will energetically ride tandem with Jeanne as she maneuvers the reins so you can remain utterly focused and connected with your Source, to create a crystal clear expansive channel by which you are able to access Source more deeply, fully and completely.  


What people are saying following these sessions:

"There are now words to describe how I feel right now." KL

"I feel totally different.  Brand new." LF

"My physical body all the way down to the cellular structure has changed.  I can really feel it all the way to the cellular structure.  Amazing."  SH

"The things that triggered me are no longer to be found.  More relaxed in my own skin."  JL

"I can now see through all of the untruths I have believed about who I am and who I am not."​  JB

"I am oneness and aware of all of creation.  Unbelievable experience."​  ​JP