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Jeanne Lecher

The SoulBody Network

​​Jeanne has over 37 years of experience teaching and mentoring people through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual changes in their lives.  Through her services she teaches, guides, mentors and supports individuals and groups, in moving beyond their fears, anxiety, pain, grief, shame and so much more.  Many express a sense of clarity, self-confidence and inner knowing simply by being in her presence.  From this place of awareness and consciousness, Jeanne invites you to take Inspired Action within your life. (The physical action that is taken, in response to the new found awarenessess.) 

Jeanne has been called an Evolutionist. A person who is on the cutting edge of expansion and changes with and in one's self.  She is one who is continually expanding her awareness, becoming more conscious of the energies / information within herself and the world around her.  In turn she shares that wisdom and understanding with those around her.

When Jeanne works with an individual or group, she starts from the broadest perspective and awareness, then leads you into the more subtle layers of your own energy.  Bringing your awareness to the differences in the energies of the soul, body, mind, spirit and emotions.  Sometimes working with just one of aspects of you in a particular situation within your life.  Other times working with all aspects of you, in the full spectrum of your life.  All with the purpose of assist you in interpreting the energies / information as it present.  As you move deeper and deeper, you become aware of areas of unrest, you begin to consciously choose desired changes, gain tools of empowerment, release outdated patterns/beliefs and develop a more inclusive, full spectrum perspective of life.      

Jeanne brings to each session, the wisdom and experience of 30 years of nursing, 17 years of massage and energy therapy, 11 years of coaching and counseling.  She is a Master of Awareness / Consciousness.

She is a teacher, minister and facilitates immersion retreats for groups locally as well as around the sacred areas of the country.

Her services and experiences offer opportunities that support, enrich, and enliven your SoulBody's ever evolving journey of self-discovery.

Thank you for exploring this website.  See you soon.  : )